Case 363 - Negotiating Peace and Justice: Women’s Leadership, Participation, and Representation in the Process to End Civil War in Guatemala

by Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University
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This case examines women's involvement in the peace process to end the Civil War in Guatemala. Mayesha Alam and Génesis Torres-Alcántara provide background on the civil war and how it specifically impacted women, and analyze how women's groups organized to achieve their goals in the peace process. 

This case study is meant to be instructive and informative but it does not capture every detail about women’s participation in peacemaking in Guatemala. Rather, the case study serves as a comprehensive introduction that can and should be paired with additional resources about Guatemala in particular, and literature, more generally, on relevant topics. Crucial questions include: How were women affected by the civil war in Guatemala? Why did women mobilize to advance peace? What opportunities and challenges did the ASC present for civil society’s participation in the peace process? What difference did women make and where did their efforts fall short?