Case 202 - Nations: A Simulation Game in International Politics

by ISD - Georgetown University
$ 4.50

Herzig, Michael and David Skidmore

This simulation is designed to help students understand the dynamics of international politics. Students participate in the foreign policy decision-making process of a fictitious country on an imaginary continent. The game familiarizes students with a variety of phenomena that are important in the real world of international politics: interstate bargaining, group decision-making, resource conflicts, military rivalry and the threat of war, ecological issues, territorial conflicts, propaganda, and the effect of ideological and cultural differences. Designed for introductory courses in international relations or world politics, the game may also be appropriate for courses dealing with comparative foreign policy, conflict resolution, or international security. It is suitable for class sizes ranging from 20 to 50 students, and is best played across four 50-minute class sessions or three 75-minute sessions.