Case 133 - The Reagan Administration and Lebanon

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Kennedy, David M. [case] and Richard N. Haass [teaching notes]

When Israel invaded Lebanon in June 1982, the United States became deeply involved. Throughout this period different elements in the U.S. government were at odds over a variety of policy issues:  the pace and direction the U.S.-brokered negotiations should take; whether to pressure Israel to moderate its demands; whether and how U.S. military power should bolster diplomatic efforts; and the degree to which the United States should view the problem of Lebanon as a superpower confrontation. This case study is intended to stimulate a discussion of the issues involved in supporting diplomacy with military power, and of how the interests of U.S. executive agencies shape policymaking. It can be used as a complement to “The War Powers Resolution and U.S. Policy in Lebanon, 1982-1984(Case Study 184).