Case 207 - The United States and Cuba After the Cold War: The 1994 Refugee Crisis

by ISD - Georgetown University
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LeoGrande, William M.

This two-part case study examines the Clinton administration’s response to the rapid influx of Cuban refugees into the United States during 1994. Part A describes U.S.-Cuban relations during the Cold War, U.S. policy toward this island nation, the roots of the 1994 refugee crisis, and the dilemma confronted by the Clinton administration as it sought to resolve this problem. Part B examines the administration’s response, and the outcome of the U.S.-Cuban negotiations to staunch the flow of refugees into the United States. The case can be used in courses on international relations or foreign policy to elucidate crisis management, the influence of domestic opinion on policymakers, the dynamics of international negotiations, and the rise in importance of issues like immigration.